Thursday, 27 December 2007

Birthday Christmas, Christmas Birthday

A hand drawn card. A catrabbit creature, after seeing these in the shop windows all throughout the year around Hobart, I finally own one! And a framed, limited print of a Yoshitomo Nara painting, one of my most favourite contemporary artists. Three wonderful pieces of art for me from my boyfriend, plus a cherry-red limited edition nanopod from back home mostly Roland, and messages banking up on my mobile from my Perth pals, made this birthday away from home, pretty okay. One thing that made it not okay, is this agressive flu I got the day work finished. I've been sick pretty much since Saturday, and this flu seems to consist of making one go through the whole smorgasboard of being sick. Sore throat, achey joints, fever, to sneezing, and now a runny nose and clogged sinuses. oh and a dry cough. ah well. I've been managing to avoid the worst colds and flus all year while working, it was bound to catch up to me in the end.

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Timothy Merks said...

Happy birthday again! haha Thanks for putting my art up, I hope you don't mind I used your water colour paper to do it!