Saturday, 18 August 2007

Shipstern's Bluff

I did another hike a few weekends ago to see Shipstern's Bluff, a world famous surfing spots for some of the biggest swells and breaks. The walk itself was pretty impressive, we passed through every type of grounding, mus, rocksw, steep inclines, declines, sand, 4 hours of walking in fact.
My camera battery ran out before i got to take a photo of the actual main bluff once we finally got there. so I did the next best thing and sketched it, and watercoloured it soon after getting home while the colours were still vivid in my mind. Clayton, one of my colleagues saw me sketching and said I was a hardcore (artist).

There were no amazing waves, or surfers down at the Bluff, it was an overcast day, and even started sprinkling as we ate our packed lunches, although we got to walk aroudn the ridge as it was lowtide, and there were still lots of huge crashing of waves against the edges of the rocks to make us feel cautious.

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