Saturday, 29 July 2006

Milky visits Cat & Rabbit

There's a funny fat ginger cat with a cute pug face, he has no collar, but I think he lives next door. I've heard a girl calling "Here Mil, Mil! Whose a beautiful cat Milky?", But often we have found him sitting on our doorstep when we get back from work, waiting to come in with us. and in the morning sometimes as we rush out the front door late to work, Milky is waiting there and runs into the house and we have to carry him back out. And sometimes when its minus cold and wet, he'll meow and scratch at our back door, wanting to come in, seeming to have nowhere else to go. So I have let him in sometimes and given him a cuddle, when the neighbours appear to be either ignoring him, or gone out. Poor Milky, I hope he does have a home somewhere.

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