Sunday, 17 June 2007

Maybe there'll be snow

So I'm in Hobart! Wheee! I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. I'm sorry I'm such a slow poke (I'm such a der rabbit, says Tim) .
Well I got lots of pictures to post hopefully in the next week.
But for now, i'll have to keep it short because my fingers are freezing. We live up high in a two story unit, in an area called Mt Stuart. And we have to walk up a very steep incline to get home everyday from work. And we have large windows that span the whole walls of our rooms, so the views are amazing, we can see all the way down the the CBD and harbour and houses across the other side. But these huge windows also let it the zero degree temperatures and it's absolutely freezing in here when the sun goes down, which is pretty much at 4pm it feels, it being Winter and so close to the Antarctic here!
so my fingers can't type well right now.
Anyway, I love it here in Tasmania. Everything seems quirky and pretty. Like all the houses are built on steep slopes and they look so quaint and have so much character, and the roads too are up and down everywhere, everthing all the way down to town is hilly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rosie, hope your well. You sound happy in your post.

Vancouver is nice. Its summer here, but still fairly cold.