Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Second comic "Peabrain Vol01" finitto!

Finally finished the second comic "Peabrain" Vol01. After only 4 hours sleep having stayed up handstitching the pages and binding the cover with gold threads the night before, I had to stumble out of bed at 8am, but still late and catch a bus into the city with Timothy to deliver the comics to Luke at the Semi-Permanent design event itself. This is because we couldn't get it done by Friday, and then still not done on Monday to hand over to Artrage for Luke to collate and organise. Of course the bus ran late, and of course there was an accident on the freeway involving a bus clipping a few cars, so by the time we walked to Pier Street from the bus port, the time was not only past what I had arranged with Luke (half an hour before the event opened to the public), but 10 minutes OVER the opening time. So I had to make another sheepish call to Luke, to say that we were stuck behind the crowd outside and he had to come out in the midst of manning the stall inside to take our comics. May I promise myself to start my next comic earlier next time.

So anyway, Vol 01 of Peabrain looks very neat and I'm really happy with it. The paper we used is like the sort that you used to get in those colouring in books as a kid. You know the yellowy, thicker scrapbook type paper. It smells like puzzles and childhood fun. It contains Tim's Mr Gough spreads and my jellybaby rabbit Egg Day stories, 50 pages of quirky cute, two comics in one, hand bound for 12 bucks in select bookstores... sometime. If you can't find it, give us a hand and go ask your favourite bookstore and create some demand. :P

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