Thursday, 30 November 2006

I have the new Eloise book

Also on Tim's day, I got myself a present too. I was flipping through the children's book section of a bookshop and after pulling out many nice books, I saw a familiar title, "Eloise" on the spine. I pulled it out and yelled in happy surprise to Timothy. LOOK! It's Eloise!!

See at work, we did something like a show-and-share, where most weeks we would bring in books we just bought, or have, that everyone else would be interested in. It was a ball, because all being animators/creatives of different influence, the books would range all over the place from Disney's Tarzan, to retro ads, to Norman Lindsey sketches. and on one particular week my supervisor Ian Beatty, (who's been the biggest resource of wonderful books) brought in a worn children's book titled "Eloise", bought for 20c at a second hand book sale, to show me. I immediately loved the NewYork apartment world and naughty, silly personality of this six year old "Eloise" girl, that seemed to be Kay Thompson's inner child. And the gorgeous, amusing, humourous illustrations to match by what i thought was a female illustrator, Hilary Knight which i found inspring for the 1950s. (but now i know better, Hilary Knight is actually a He). I made a mental note to put this Eloise book on my searchlist since it was so old. The pictures are truly wonderful can't-wipe-the-smile-off-your-face great.

So happy and surprised I was when I pulled it off the shelf, with a silver detail for the special 50th Anniversary edition with added interviews, photos and sketches from JayThompson and Hilary Knight in the back! Although the wonderful 65 pages of Oh my lord, rawther amusing, story and pictures that Ooooooooo I absolutely love, are well worth by itself.
I do wish we were still at work, so that I could have brought this book to show Ian.

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Timothy Merks said...

I like this book because the girl reminds me of you. haha