Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Melbourne backpackers sojourn

Post AFC interview for Cat and Rabbit (2005), I stayed a few extra days in Melbourne.
From the Elephant backpackers Hostel, down in the basement where the kitchen was, and where everyone hung out, I wanted the company of others too, but in my introverted way I sat down on an empty table by myself with my sketchbook and passed the time drawing instead. But soon, one, then two, and then many an interesting friend/s I made, over the next few days as people, sat around to chat and see what I was drawing.

Tomo, Jin, and Neil, not that you'd ever see this, but I hope you are all doing well out there! And Neil, I did go see that Andy Warhol Time Capsules exhibit and it was amazing. Sorry I snuck away without saying goodbye, like parties, I have a default aversion to goodbyes.


Missing said...

as much as i HATE HATE HATE penguins... this picture is just plain charming.

zerohdog said...

loving the little unicorn and the dessert!