Thursday, 2 November 2006

Halloween demon kids

I went to see Nightmare Before Christmas which was grandly released in cinema 3D for Halloween.

(Halloween, a holiday I love, even though I'm aussie/asian and I've never been to America or Canada. I just love the spooky, black themes. the costume dressups, the jack-o-laterns, and I when I was small, I was sorry that Halloween wasn't celebrated over here so I could go trick or treating.)

So seeing Nightmare Before Christmas was an extra special treat, not only because it was something exciting on Halloween, but we got to wear those dorky 3D specs again and see things floating around (I jumped out of my seat when the witches hit a pumkin towards the screen near the end), PLUS I missed Nightmare in the cinema when it came out all those years ago.

Watching it, it still blows me at how perfect and excellent the story writing is. and I love every single character. they are all so cool!

It reminded me of a doodle I drew in my notebook at work earlier this year. I think i must've been inspired by the lock, shock, and barrel trick or treater kid in Nightmare. So in the spirit of Halloween, here are the little demons.


Timothy Merks said...

I thought I wrote a comment for this one. I love how this drawing first started. I half drew a head and you finished it in a "where the wild things are" style you then took it home and brought back more master pieces. My favourite is the expression the mermaid has. Brilliant as always Roseline

coffeelatte said...

Yes, a darker Maurice Sendak vibe. I like it!

fang friends said...

I like how everyone has horns.