Thursday, 6 November 2008

Cat and Rabbit 24 Hour Comic

Available from Planet Books Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
and Quality Comics Hay St, Perth.
24 pages, in 24 hours, 'locked' in a room with 24 other artists doing the same thing.
And the result is Cat and Rabbit in their first comic! (Cat and Rabbit were originally a cartoon series idea, copyright 2005, myself and Timothy Merks, who is the other half of Cat and Rabbit). We have many many stories in our notebook, two of which I've scripted already for animation. May this be the first illustrated story of many!
We made coloured covers and got them professionally published (thanks to Troy Kealley and Precise).

Here's a sneak peek...


coffeelatte said...

Oh...I like this one so much...those little stripey stocking'ed legs, and the cosy flowery sofa. Sweet!

Timothy Merks said...

I really loved this comic. Cat and Rabbit have so many adventures in them

Seng said...

Where can I obtain a copy of this splendid comic?

Rosey said...

The 24 hour comics are going to be distributed soon in humble numbers to some good stores around the place like Oxford St, Planet Books, Harry Highpants, and a few others! but i can pass one onto you at Honey's wedding next weekend (if i remember)!