Sunday, 29 October 2006

Spookys filmed. 2. Shot Specifics

Some more behind the scenes annecdotes on specific shots.
You might want to check this out after you see the short film so as to not spoil the illusion. I will have it up here by Tues 31st Oct. Halloween! Wooh!

Oh this Brownie mirror. I really wanted the lights on it for that vanity mirror look. First it was hard to keep the lightbulbs stuck in place around the mirror, metal to metal, and I tried unsuccessfully with all types of glue, and ended up using black, double sided tape. Then Seymour helped me rig the circuit up, but the batteries wouldn't hold out enough through animation, and the scene would be significantly dim by the end of the shot. so Pierce helped me hook up a transformer, only he used the wrong voltage and despite me telling him about currents and additive voltage, he blew the light bulbs. so another day later to go get new ones. Then I had a mishap with the transformer overheating and melting, so I had to scrounge up a new transformer. Then another bulb went funny, but I shot it finally as quick as i could and there is a moment when the lights do dim, but coincidentally it coincides with the moment Brownie is shocked and jumps.

I learnt the value of backing up. In this shot, the character positions' were difficult to get to, and required the animator to strain and lean in for the duration of animating (aprox 2.5 hours). back breaking stuff. And it was the only shot where after I finished, the computer crashed! and I lost it all! and so I had to do the whole thing from scratch AGAIN....and then I lost it again!!!! through some different computer fault. of course, I hadn't backed up yet. I couldn't face animating it for the third time, and my back would've broken anyway, so I made Serena do it. And despite her saying she can't animate, she really can.

It was a real life size postcard, but of course the one Taboo holds, is a tiny card. Taboo and the others I made lifesize too, as in if they were real, so really this postcard is a cheat.

Set up for the shot when Taboo grabs a pin off the shelf. I had to make a fake hand for Taboo to grab the jar since his real arms were too stumpy and not nearly long enough.

Here's some funny detail me and Serena made up for the other jars of pins. Most of the jars were provided by my little brother Jamie (a pharmacist), and the pins I carefully hand picked from the my mother's work room (a professional seamstress, anyone need Bridal gown alterations, or any clothing alterations for that matter, she's by far the best in town). and we painted the pins accordingly to what ailment they stood for. fun!

The armature inside one of Taboo's legs broke halfway throughout shooting but he was light enough to stand up anyway. This corridor shot was the glory shot, it was the longest shot, and funniest (i thought). It was also one of the last shots I had to do, and by then it just so was that BOTH of Taboo's legs were broken, so making him walk, let alone run across the space was beyond hard. There was much posting work that Serena had to do, due to me just screwing it in the end and holding him in place and taking the shot with my fingers still in view.

Lots of people asked how I did the stomach shot. It worked out first time with what I had in theory in my mind. A painted piece of sponge, lighted from below on a glass coffee table, and old gummy glue, with big dyed plasticine Brownie parts on top.

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